!Re: MM

The second part „Icon of The Beauty” is an attempt to reconstruct / to call in question the idea of an icon as both a pattern and something inimitable. 
! Re: MM, a repetition of one iconic element (the dress of MM, the icon of beauty) and – simultaneously – multiplication of real sensible forms, touches the untouchable, the aura of transcendence enveloping (nowadays especially) every pop-culture icon. However, this action is not focused entirely on destruction. It is not just a struggle between “real” beauty and some artificial and “oppressive” standard or model; it turns out to be an ambiguous homage to MM, where sensible forms gain their intensity in a sudden collision with the imaginary, “fantasmatic” element of the icon, putting it to a kind of test…

The choice of MM is not accidental – it is one of the most discussed, repetitively used and analyzed icons of pop-culture.  Among many products devoted to MM we find for example: 300 000 internet pages, books by Joyce Carol Oates, Fred Guiles and Anthony Summers, dramas (including one written by Marilyn’s husband - Arthur Miller), an image of Jayne Mansfield – actress copying the image of MM, Candle in the Wind (a song singed by Elton John), some works of Andy Warhol or Katarzyna Górna…


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